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Tanzania: Small Cooperative Farmers in the Mbeya Region - A Blossoming Legacy

In the picturesque Mbeya Region of Tanzania, a group of small cooperative farmers has come together to cultivate exceptional coffee beans. These farmers, many female-owned, have formed a tight-knit community dedicated to producing high-quality coffee while fostering sustainable practices and economic empowerment.

Chairperson Tumpe, one of the many women who run and support the industry in Tanzania
Tanzania is a beautiful place, and the coffee is light, bright, and elegant

Tanzania produces light, bright, floral and fruit coffees

Coffee washing station in Mbeya
WASA coffee Farmer

About Tanzanian Coffees

Situated at altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 1,900 meters, the coffee farms in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania benefit from the region's unique microclimate. The cool temperatures and ample rainfall create an environment that is conducive to the development of complex flavors and the preservation of the beans' natural attributes.


Certified and graded as AB, the coffee from this region in Tanzania called Mbeya, is a true testament to the dedication and skill of small-scale farmers (more on that below). The beans undergo a medium-light roast, preserving their delicate flavors and allowing their unique characteristics to shine through. When brewed, the coffee reveals a tantalizing tasting profile of pear, floral notes, jasmine, and hints of strawberry, creating a sensory experience that is both enchanting and refreshing.

The coffee beans undergo a meticulous fully washed process, ensuring the removal of any impurities and contributing to the beans' clean and crisp flavors. After washing, the beans are carefully dried on raised beds, allowing for optimal air circulation and even drying. This method further enhances the coffee's taste profile and preserves its distinct characteristics.

The cooperative farmers in the Mbeya area nurture coffee plants of many varieties, but we carry the Bourbon and Kent. These carefully selected varieties thrive in the region's fertile soils, enriched with clay minerals. The combination of ideal growing conditions and meticulous farming practices contributes to the exceptional quality and flavors found in the coffee.

WASA Coffee Farmer in Tanzania

The farmers of Mbeya in Tanzania

Tanzania's coffee farming is over 90% small farmers organized into AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies). The regulations established in 2018, which threw the region intoa bit of chaos for a while, has now settled down and overall help these organized farmers pool resources and work towards a more consistent product with higher quality procedures. 

One of the AMCOS we typically work with for Bourbon varieties is WASA, which is well respecting in Tanzania. It's also female led by Chairperson Tumpe Mudhondwa, pictured at the beginning of this article. She is also the owner of the CPU and is providing WASA AMCOS with a pulper, tanks and drying tables. 

It's not just great coffee...

Beyond the exceptional coffee they produce, these small cooperative farmers play a significant role in their local communities. By forming cooperatives and working together, they have created a support system that fosters economic empowerment and improves the livelihoods of its members. This cooperative model also promotes sustainable farming practices, ensuring the long-term health of the land and the preservation of Tanzania's rich agricultural heritage.

Like mentioned, the regulations in 2018 forced major changes for the community. Where there was once many local farmers competing and their process was less formalized, for example many worked their small acres and dried, washed etc differently, the AMCOS model started to bring more consistency across the region and pooled resources. Its also made their collective bargaining power at auction bring in more money and allow the specialty coffee grades to fetch a higher price. 


The AMCOS in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania embody the spirit of community, sustainability, and excellence in coffee production. Through their dedication to quality, meticulous farming practices, and commitment to economic empowerment, they have cultivated a legacy that goes far beyond the coffee they grow. With every sip of Tanzania's coffee, you not only experience its unique flavors but also contribute to the flourishing of a remarkable community.

Certification/Grading: AB

Roast: Medium-light

Tasting Profile: Pear, floral, jasmine, strawberry.

Grower: Small cooperative farmers in the Mbeya area

Variety: Bourbon & Kent

Region: Mbeya Region of Tanzania 

Altitude: 1200-1900 M

Soil Type: Clay Minerals

Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds


Discover our Tanzania, a coffee of delightful complexity, features a very light body with bright and delicious flavors of pear, floral, jasmine, and strawberry. A medium-light roast, it is certified AB grade and produced by small cooperative farmers in the Mbeya region, growing Bourbon & Kent varieties at altitudes from 1200-1900 M, in clay mineral soils, and processed with a fully washed method and dried on raised beds.

Our favorite ways to enjoy Tanzania and its exclusive flavor profile as a cold brew, french press, or pour over. Its light body doesn't hold up well to cow's milk, but it is a bright and delicious cup with almond milk. See our recipes for great ways to enjoy

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