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Collection: Astrological Blends

Discover our Celestial Coffee Collection, a symphony of flavors inspired by the zodiac's rich tapestry. Each blend embodies the unique traits of its Astrological star sign, inviting you to explore a journey of taste. From the robust Le Taureau, Taurus, to the vibrant Le Bélier, Aries, every sip resonates with the essence of each sign. Indulge in the enchantment of Les Lioness, Leo, the depth of Chèvre De Mer, Capricorn, and the energy of Le Scorpion, Scorpio. Experience the practicality of Le Vierge, Virgo, the dynamism of Le Gémeaux, Gemini, and the gentleness of Les Poissons, Pisces. Elevate your coffee experience with our carefully crafted blends, each a tribute to the cosmos' influence on flavors. Embrace each star sign's essence as you savor the Astrological Blends Collection, a celebration of taste and personality, that make amazing gifts.