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Le Bélier, Aries

Le Bélier, Aries

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Presenting Le Bélier, Aries: a light roasted coffee blend resonating with the dynamic, confident, bold, smooth, and energetic traits of its star sign. Like a sunrise, this blend awakens your senses with its vibrant character.

Crafted from South American beans, Le Bélier, Aries, infuses your cup with a burst of smooth warmth. Flavors dance like flames – walnuts, mild apple, hint of raisin, and toffee. Each sip charges your palate, igniting your senses.

Savor the symphony, a testament to Aries' boldness. Echoing Aries quest for excellence, this blend includes eco-friendly processing, sun-drying, and high elevation growing. 

  • Expertly Blended
  • Roasted on Order
  • Zodiac Inspired
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