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Join the Wayfarer, the ultimate espresso blend for wanderers and adventurers. Embark on a sensory journey as this dark roast house blend takes you to the heart of exploration, wherever your imagination leads.

For those who seek the thrill of new horizons, Wayfarer is meticulously crafted by our Roastmasters. It's a symphony of flavors brought together from single origin coffee farms across the globe. Just as a map unfolds, revealing hidden treasures, the richness of this dark roast swirls like tales shared on a sailboat.

With every sip, embrace the spirit of discovery as Wayfarer transports you to bustling markets, serene landscapes, and distant shores. The intensity of each flavor note mirrors the excitement of setting foot on uncharted territory.

As you savor this blend, remember that Wayfarer is an espresso crafted to fuel your wanderlust. Whether you're on the road or daydreaming from home, let the bold character of Wayfarer kindle the flames of your next great adventure. Each cup is an invitation to celebrate the world, one espresso shot at a time.

  • Expertly blended
  • Small Batch
  • Roasted on order
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Customer Reviews

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Lovely espresso

This is delicious, it’s my new favorite.

Fresh and tasty

My coffee shipped when it said it would and got here the earlier of the two possible days in the tracking. So, about as long as it took to roast, bag, box and ship it to my door. I don't think it could be any fresher than that without visiting a roastery in person. I do want to note that this is an amazing blend, and I'll be buying in bulk, lol.

About our gourmet & small batch Blended Coffees

Meticulously handcrafted in small batches, our blended coffees are basically couture. It all begins with the finest single origin beans, carefully selected for their unique character. Then our Coffee Roasters embark on the journey of blending, crafting and cupping each and every one of our exceptional coffee blends.

Every sip is a testament to our dedication to the craft, and we're inviting you join us in our passion for coffee excellence.

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