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Le Scorpion, Scorpio

Le Scorpion, Scorpio

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Beware Le Scorpion, Scorpio: a medium roast coffee blend embodying the passionate, stubborn, resourceful, and brave traits of its star sign. It's a delicous Morning blend, but much like a scorpion's stinger holds a potent secret, this blend is enriched with robusta, offering an extra caffeine jolt. Just as a scorpion's weapon wields power, this blend empowers your determination with an extra kick.

Flavors are a dance of cocoa, caramel, toffee, and mild fruits in its aroma – a mirror to Scorpio's intricate nature. With every sip, feel a surge of passionate courage, a testament to your fearless spirit.

    • Expertly Blended
    • Roasted on Order
    • Zodiac Inspired
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Delicious brews!!

    One of my favorites for espresso

    Earthy w/touches of chocolate

    I used these beans for espresso and it was a great pull and the flavors shined. Worked great w/ French press, too. Excellent for a first coffee of the day or a delicious pick-me-up

    Zodiac coffee blends

    Blended with personality

    Starting as our single origins, these blends are crafted to match each zodiac personality. Consistent and delicious, they make great gifts—as well as being our way to help you make coffee flavors more thinkable. Enjoy your own, or use the descriptions to find a flavor that’s, ahem…written in the stars.

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