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Le Taureau, Taurus

Le Taureau, Taurus

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Introducing Le Taureau, Taurus: our African Espresso small batch gourmet coffee blend celebrating the strong, stubborn, creative, and dependable traits of its star sign. Like a steadfast bull, this blend enriches your espresso experience with robust flavors.

Picture an aromatic market – citrus, bergamot, berries, jasmine – inviting exploration and discovery. Each espresso sip is a symphony – citrus zing, playful bergamot, sweet berries, delicate jasmine – a sensory masterpiece.

Le Taureau, Taurus is blended from Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and it's tailored for espresso passion, delivering consistently tasty shots that mirror Taurus' strong, creative spirit.

  • Expertly Blended
  • Roasted on Order
  • Zodiac Inspired
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