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La Centauresse, Sagittarius

La Centauresse, Sagittarius

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Step into the world of La Centauresse, Sagittarius: a medium roast coffee blend embodying the extroverted, optimistic, and adventurous traits of its star sign. This Southeast Asian blend delights with herbal, earthy, and spicy notes, forming a tapestry of taste that's as vibrant as the horizons a Sagittarius seeks to explore. The heavy body and consistent flavor invite you to savor this blend, it's best enjoyed hot or be adventurous too and prepare as butter coffee or a traditional Tibetan pot. Grown under the full sun and processed with care, La Centauresse captures the spirit of adventure in every sip.

  • Expertly Blended
  • Roasted on Order
  • Zodiac Inspired
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